2016 SCSPA Fall Conference Awards

2016 Bruce E. Konkle Rising Star

Shawntell Pace, Tribe Talk, Wando HS

Best in State Literary Magazine

Voices, Nation Ford HS

Best in State Yearbook

Reflections, Mauldin HS

Most Improved Literary Magazine

Voices, Nation Ford HS

Most Improved Yearbook

Panorama, Chapman HS

Literary Magazine Evaluations

  • Honor – The Final Draft, James Island Charter HS
  • Honor – The Outlet, Wando HS
  • Superior – The Shield, Dorman HS
  • Superior – Revelations, Dutch Fork HS
  • Superior – Visions, Northwestern HS
  • Superior – Psyche, Richland Northeast HS
  • Superior – Calliope, South Aiken HS
  • Superior – Impulse, South Pointe HS
  • Superior – First Circle, Spartanburg
  • All-State – Voices, Nation Ford HS

Yearbook Evaluations

Class 1

  • Merit – The Highlander, Heathwood Hall Episcopal
  • Honor – Excalibur, Camden Military Academy
  • Honor – The Compass, Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach
  • Honor – Wolverine,  East Clarendon HS
  • Superior – Prowl, Stover MS
  • All-State – Cougar Pride, Pleasant Hill MS

Class 1 Palmetto Award: Cougar Pride, Pleasant Hill MS

Class 2

  • Honor – The Equestrian, South Pointe HS
  • Superior – Clintonian, Clinton HS
  • Superior – Gilbertine, Gilbert HS
  • All-State – Panorama, Chapman HS
  • All-State – Saga, Spartanburg HS
  • All-State – Swansean, Swansea HS
  • All-State – The Traveler, Traveler’s Rest HS

Class 2 Palmetto Award: Saga, Spartanburg HS

Class 3

  • Honor – The Aquila, Airport HS
  • Honor – Borealis, Westwood HS
  • Superior – The Falcon, AC Flora HS
  • Superior – Aurea Aquila, Eastside HS
  • Superior – The Rambler, Lancaster HS
  • Superior – The Iliad, James Island Charter HS
  • Superior – The Archive, Richland Northeast HS

Class 3 Palmetto Award: The Archive, Richland Northeast HS

Class 4

  • Honor – Kaleidoscope, Lugoff-Elgin HS
  • Superior – Sakamow, Riverside HS
  • Superior – Ursa Major, South Florence HS
  • Superior – Talismann, J.L. Mann HS
  • All-State – Legacy, Dutch Fork HS
  • All-State – Cat’s Paw, Lexington HS

Class 4 Palmetto Award: Legacy, Dutch Fork HS

Class 5

  • Honor – The Ford, Nation Ford HS
  • Superior – The Tributary, River Bluff HS
  • Superior – Souvenirs, James F. Byrnes HS
  • Superior – Legend, Wando HS
  • All-State – The Eagle, Clover HS
  • All-State – Reflections, Mauldin HS

Class 5 Palmetto Award: Reflections, Mauldin HS

2016 Fall Photography Contest

Theme: Us in U.S.: Diversity and Diverse Voices in the United States

The Black Lives Matter movement has provided a platform in which people of all races have unified and come together to stand up to injustice through a variety of mediums and ways of expression. What you see projected is a vastly incomplete list of those who have lost their lives to police brutality. The lives lost as a result of police brutality and the prejudice against African Americans that have caused the Black Lives Matter movement shouldn’t just be considered a problem for African Americans, but also for those who have power to change these prejudices because it is a national problem.

1st – Isabelle Burgin, South Pointe HS

Stronger Together
At a football pep rally, students from different backgrounds come together to represent their school and their team, showing how they are stronger together.

2nd – Elizabeth Messier, West Florence HS

Walking United
Participants walk united under the rainbow flag at the SC Pride parade. Their voices filled their air requesting unity and love.

3rd – Leverette Williams, Richland Northeast HS

Literary Magazine Individual Competition

Best Art


  • 1st – Hannah Rivers, Visions, Northwestern HS


  • 2nd – Erin Johnson, Impulse, South Pointe HS


  • 3rd – Madison Sojdak, Voices, Nation Ford HS

Best Article (nonfiction)

Best Cover


  • 1st – Isabelle Burgin, Impulse, South Pointe HS


  • 2nd – Lily Hear, Visions, Northwestern HS


  • 3rd – Robert Brook, Psyche, Richland Northeast HS

Best Photograph


  • 1st – Yessica Naranjo, Psyche, Richland Northeast HS


  • 2nd – Alanna O’Brien, Voices, Nation Ford HS


  • 3rd – Isabelle Burgin, Impulse, South Pointe HS

Best Poem

Best Review

Best Short Story

Best Spread Design


  • 1st  – Elle Pobis, Psyche, Richland Northeast HS

2spreaddesign_dfhs_amg-1_small 2spreaddesign_dfhs_amg-2_small

  • 2nd – Caroline Burdett, Revelations, Dutch Fork HS

3sd_sphs_cd-1_small 3sd_sphs_cd-2_small

  • 3rd – Isabelle Burgin, Impulse, South Pointe HS

Yearbook Individual Competition

Best Candid Photo

Science teacher Leah Rutkowski lights up the room during a chemistry lab.

  • 1st – Tori Leigh, Legend, Wando HS


  • 2nd – Hailey Jones, Swansean, Swansea HS


  • 3rd – Katrina Gainey, The Archive, Richland Northeast HS

Best Cover

Adobe Photoshop PDF

  • 1st – Callie Lamb & Taylor Scott, Legend, Wando HS


  • 2nd – Yeti Bang, The Archive, Richland Northeast HS


  • 3rd – Alli Roberts & Gracie Fletcher, Reflections, Mauldin HS

Best Feature Copy

Best Feature Photo

Jarred Bohr, 11, takes math to the next level

  • 1st – Sophie Winnick, Legend, Wando HS


  • 2nd – Jordan Watkins, The Archive, Richland Northeast HS


  • 3rd – Boston Henderson, The Eagle, Clover HS

Best Sports Photo


  • 1st – Jordan Watkins, The Archive, Richland Northeast HS

Sam Ross, 12, beats his opponent with a powerful dribbling move on the ball. "The team was ecstatic after we beat River Bluff in lower state," Ross said.

  • 2nd – Anna Perryman, Legend, Wando HS


  • 3rd – Adasha Sease, Swansean, Swansea HS

Best Spread Design


  • 1st – Des Armstrong, Legend, Wando HS


  • 2nd – Allison Killinger, The Archive, Richland Northeast HS


  • 3rd – Rebeca Greenfield, Saga, Spartanburg HS

Best Theme Development

  • 1st – Reflections, Mauldin HS
  • 2nd – Saga, Spartanburg HS
  • 3rd – Panorama, Chapman HS