2014 Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Award

Our 2014 Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Award recipient, Dr. Carol Pardun, is like a silent partner in our scholastic journalism business. Just as the role of a silent partner is to invest in a business but not to play an active or public role in managing the day-to-day affairs of the company, Dr. Pardun invests in us her support. In fact, she is one of our biggest supporters.

As director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Dr. Pardun has always been willing to let Leslie and me explore new options with outreach and allows the office to run as an independent organization.  Whenever we have gone to her for advice or support, she has had an open-door policy. She praises our organizations for the work they do, not only in providing services to our members, but also in providing the best and brightest students for the School of Journalism.

She found funds and time to support a minority outreach seminar, which allows minority students to learn from college and professional journalists for a day at no cost.

When Professor Ernie Wiggins and the SIPA office worked together on building an Investigative Journalism workshop, Dr. Pardun once again found the funds to support student journalists.

This summer SIPA will offer both the Investigative Journalism workshop and a new venture, Sports Narrative Writing workshop, as book-ends to CJI.

Professor Wiggins said, “Because of Dr. Pardun’s leadership and vision we are finding new ways to develop talent among high school journalists and giving them valuable skills in in-depth reporting and soon in narrative storytelling. She understands fully the importance of these efforts and rarely, if ever, says no to requests for support.”