2014 SIPA Regional Scholarship Recipient

The SIPA Regional Scholarship is awarded to a student who will attend a school of journalism at an accredited college or university in the SIPA region and must plan a career in journalism and/or mass communications.


This year’s recipient, Hailey Disher of Stratford HS, has served as an editor and producer for her school’s broadcast program for the past three years.   She is also involved in the National Honor Society and is the president of her school’s Student Council.

Though her journalism experience in high school has been primarily broadcast, Disher is passionate about magazine and newspaper writing as well and hopes to be involved with the University of South Carolina’s student publications when she attends USC’s College of Mass Communications in the fall.

Disher says, “I want to experience all aspects of journalism before I graduate college and start my life journey”.

Disher has high aspirations for her journalism career, with goals ranging from being a news anchor to traveling the world as a writer for National Geographic.  No matter what specific field of journalism she pursues, she believes the most important role she will play is that of a story teller.

Disher says, “I want to change the lives and views of people with just one story.  I want to inspire and intrigue them”.