2015 Writing Contest Winners

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Academic Script

  1. Cole Lowery, Summerville HS
  2. Dailyn Filipiak, Summerville HS
  3. Rigel Turner, Clarke Central HS

News Script

  1. Ann Bailey, Summerville HS
  2. Karla Dougan, Clarke Central HS
  3. Taylor Diamond-Seagriff, Summerville HS

Public Service Announcement

  1. McGwire Finley, Summerville HS
  2. Eddie Oliver, Summerville HS

Sports Script

  1. Dalexis Aldridge, Summerville HS
  2. Matthew Anderson & Demetrius Davis, Richland Northeast HS
  3. Jack Hazel, Summerville HS



  1. Cole Irvin, Nation Ford HS


  1. Morgan Hydrick, Jackson Preparatory School
  2. Ethan Crane, Clarke Central HS
  3. Veronica Hader, Bentonville HS

Prose Fiction and Narrative

  1. Mary Merritt, Clarke Central HS
  2. Ryan Deloney, Bentonville HS
  3. Robert Frey, Jackson Preparatory School

Prose Non-Fiction

  1. Sarahi Garfias, Clarke Central HS
  2. Haven Brown, Bentonville HS
  3. Gansiry Thioub, Clarke Central HS


Editorial Column

  1. Sarah Garfaias, Clarke Central HS
  2. Lucy O’Brien, Charles D. Owen HS
  3. McKenzie Rhone, Decatur HS
  • Honorable Mention: Erin Spencer, R.J. Reynolds HS

Staff Editorial

  1. Tommy Sanders, Wando HS
  2. Sasha Larson, Decatur HS
  3. Pine Whispers staff, R.J. Reynolds HS
  • Honorable Mentions: The Southerner staff, Henry W. Grady HS, & The Hoofbeat staff, Charles D. Owen HS

Entertainment/Feature Column

  1. Josh Weinstock, Henry W. Grady HS
  2. Margo Stockdale, Henry W. Grady HS
  3. Louise Platter, Clarke Central HS
  • Honorable Mention: Kelsey Campbell, Plano Senior HS

Feature Story

  1. Ben Simonds-Malamud, Henry W. Grady HS
  2. Robert Walker, Clarke Central HS
  3. Keegan Hassan & Jennifer Stecki, Henry W. Grady HS

News Feature Story

  1. Jekima Hibbert, Richland Northeast HS
  2. Baylen, Altizer, Ella Burge, & Duo-Wei Yang, Decatur HS
  3. J.D. Capelouto, Henry W. Grady HS
  • Honorable Mention: Audrey Baxter & McKenzie Rhone, Decatur HS

News Story

  1. Duo-Wei Yang & Zoey Laird, Decatur HS
  2. Mary Claire Morris, Henry W. Grady HS
  3. Quinn Mulholland, Henry W. Grady HS

Personality Feature Story

  1. Stephanee Smith, Plano Senior HS
  2. Ryan Switzer, Henry W. Grady HS
  3. Clare Kilmartin, Northwest Guilford HS

Review Story

  1. E.V. Phillips, H.B. Plant HS
  2. Declan Farrisee, Henry W. Grady HS
  3. Melissa Jassir, H.B. Plant HS

Sports Column

  1. Mallory Hazell, Henry W. Grady HS
  2. Brittney Butler, Clarke Central HS
  3. Jenks Donaldson, Wando HS

Sports Feature Story

  1. Zila Sanchez, East Mecklenburg HS
  2. Andalib Samandari, Decatur HS
  3. Hannah Jane Dantzcher, Wando HS

Sports Story

  1. Olivia Volkert & Josh Weinstock, Henry W. Grady HS
  2. Joe Wilson, R.J. Reynolds HS
  3. Reilly Blum & Gracie Griffith, Henry W. Grady HS


Feature Cutlines

  1. Grace Muir, Wando HS
  2. Madison Gearhart, Wando HS
  3. Mary Prickett, Wando HS

News Cutlines

  1. A.J. Preisig, Wando HS
  2. Madison Gearhart, Wando HS
  3. Hannah Burton, North Forsyth HS

Sports Cutlines

  1. Tommy Sanders, Wando HS
  2. Madison Gearhart, Wando HS
  3. Ashleigh Brown, North Forsyth HS


Academics Copy

  1. Briana Giovannone, Vero Beach HS
  2. Caitlin Masessa, Bloomingdale HS
  3. Andrea Rosero, Vero Beach HS

Groups Copy

  1. Catherine Pickard, Bloomingdale HS
  2. Makala Peirce, Vero Beach HS
  3. Caitlin Masessa, Bloomingdale HS

People Copy

  1. Heather Henry, Bloomindale HS
  2. Haley Kross, Vero Beach HS
  3. Caitlin Masessa, Bloomingdale HS

Sports Copy

  1. Caitlin Masessa, Bloomingdale HS
  2. Lillie Shipley, Vero Beach HS
  3. Delaney Polk, Vero Beach HS

Student Life Copy

  1. Amelia Bonner, Wando HS
  2. Caitlin Masessa, Bloomingdale HS
  3. Kristina Grant & Chandi Amin, Richland Northeast HS

Theme Copy (Opening, Divider, Closing)

  1. Allison Fritz, Bloomingdale HS
  2. Karly Krasnow, Vero BeachHS
  3. Kimary Causey Dickerson, St. Clair County HS
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