2017 JEA/NSPA Spring Convention Awards

Congratulations to the SCSPA and SIPA members who received the following awards at the 2017 JEA/NSPA Spring Convention in Seattle, April 6-9.

2017 Online Pacemakers

Decatur HS, (Decatur, Ga.)
Adviser: Jon Reese

Prince George HS (Prince George, Va.)
Adviser: Chris Waugaman

West Henderson HS (Hendersonville, NC)
Editors: Izzy Denman, Juliana Goode, Lauren Heywood
Adviser: Brenda W. Gorsuch

The Clan
McLean HS (McLean, Va.)
Editors: Allie Babyak, Grace Fabrycky, Karen Shedlock, Isabelle Wyerman, Anthony Capon, Christine O’Donnell
Adviser: Meghan Percival

Chantilly HS (Chantilly, Va.)
Editors: Christinae Ly, Kali Milazzo, Elise Mazzone
Adviser: Mary Kay Downes

2016 Magazine Pacemaker Winners

Silent Voices
Woodward Academy (College Park, Ga.)
Editor: Olivia Jones
Adviser: Rebekah Goode-Peoples

Spring 2017 Seattle Best of Show Winners

Publication Website Small School
#8 – The Royal News, Prince George HS (Prince George, Va.)

Broadcast Program
#2 – Tribe Talk, Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.)

Yearbook (232 or Fewer Pages)
#7 – The Knight, McCallum HS (Austin, Texas)

Yearbook (233-288 Pages)
#9 – Bellower, St. Thomas’ Episcopal School (Houston, Texas)

Yearbook (289-336 Pages)
#7 – The Clan, McLean HS (McLean, Va.)

Spring 2017 Seattle Write-Offs Awards

Honorable Mention, Newswriting
Sophie Ryland
McCallum HS (Texas)

Honorable Mention, Yearbook Copy/Caption: Sports
Delaney Carter
McCallum HS (Texas)

Honorable Mention, Yearbook Copy/Caption: Student Life
Elena Henderson
McCallum HS (Texas)

Jillian Cude
James W. Martin HS (Texas)