SIPA Member at Large Introduces 2017 Theme

Investigative. Passionate. Innovative. Creative. That’s what journalism means to me. Those words, and many others, express the scope of my journalism experience.

Sophie Winnick, Wando High School, SIPA Member at Large

Our scope is our perspective, our abilities and our investigating. That’s what SIPA 2017 is all about. This year, we want you to broaden your scope as a journalist and learn what journalism means to everyone else.

What immediately popped into my head when we were tossing around the word “scope” as a theme for SIPA was a camera lens, and that’s what inspired this year’s logo. The camera lens is surrounded by words that define journalism to us. Those words outline the lens, as they outline our world in journalism.

As journalists at SIPA, we must expand our horizons and learn as much as we can about everything there is to know within the field. You’re not a photographer, but maybe you want to extend your scope to include a photography class this year. Or maybe you’re in broadcast, but a writing class could give you material for a news piece. Whatever your focus within journalism is, it’s time to capitalize on those abilities and expand on others. That’s what this year’s SIPA means to me.

As a freshman at SIPA with no real knowledge of journalism but a certain eagerness to succeed, I found my niche in journalism in a sports photography class. Come senior year, I’ve learned as much as I possibly could about photography and have been able to share my passion and knowledge with others. With each SIPA year, I try to encourage others to be avid listeners and note-takers in each session because they may find themselves in a class where they discover a new passion just like 14-year-old me.

Every SIPA, I have tried to take away something new. This year is my last SIPA, and my goal is to encourage you to expand your ability, passion and knowledge. Take advantage of the tools and information SIPA can give you.