SCSPA Journalist of the Year: Brianna-Marie Ealy, South Pointe HS

Each year SCSPA recognizes one graduating senior for his/
her outstanding contributions to scholastic journalism.
Brianna-Marie Ealy has been involved in journalism since
her sophomore year and has served as photography editor,
opinion editor and most recently, webmaster of South Pointe
HS’s new online newspaper, SPINwired.
In a letter of recommendation, Dr. Al Leonard, principal,
said, “During the four years that I have served as her principal,
I have found her to possess a tremendous work ethic.  Her
seemingly quiet nature belies a strong ability and desire to get
things done.”
Through her involvement with scholastic journalism, Ealy
was able to overcome her introvert tendencies and grow as a
confident young professional.  Adviser Cindy Koon said, “She is
naturally tender-hearted and very quiet, but has showed immense
personal growth as she embraces challenges, some of which I
honestly have wondered why on earth she would undertake.
She is learning to grow a thick skin necessary to journalists and to
manage stress levels as a high school student with a full college
preparatory load that would rival those of professionals.”
In her portfolio essay, Ealy says, “Looking back on all the
positions I’ve held and all the experiences I’ve had while being in
Newspaper Production, I can’t help but smile.  I’ve learned what
it’s like to have responsibilities, not only to me and my staff, but
to our readers. And I feel like with all these experiences I’ve had,
I’ve changed for the better.”