SCSPA Membership

Publication Membership ($40 – one year/$100 – three years):

  • Memberships are retained by publications, not by schools.
  • Publications may pay $40 to join for one year or $100 for three years.
  • Receive Scholastic Review, an annual publication highlighting winners of individual competitions in newspaper, magazine and yearbook.
  • Members also receive competition and conference information.
  • Advisers will have access to the adviser listserv to communicate with other publication advisers.
  • Member publications may pay additional fees to receive an evaluation, mini-evaluation and/or enter individual competitions.

Student Membership (High School – $20; Middle School – $10):

  • This membership is for middle and high school students involved in their school’s journalism publications and/or broadcast programs.
  • Great for a student’s resume.
  • Student members are eligible to apply for School of Journalism and Mass Communications scholarships.
  • Student members will have access to the student editors listserv to communicate with other student journalists.
  • Student members will receive information about student officer elections and scholarships.

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