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SCSPA Staff and Officers

Advisers and publication staff members can also receive leadership training while they serve on SCSPA’s Executive Board. To assure all areas of the state have equal representation on the board, members are elected from the Lowcountry, Midlands and Upstate regions.Board members set SCSPA policy, approve new programs, plan association conferences and assist SCSPA staff members in enhancing the overall profile of scholastic journalism in South Carolina.Student officers are elected each spring to serve during the following academic year; adviser officers are selected every other spring and serve a two-year tenure.

Student Officers (2016-2017)

  • President – Ann Bailey, Summerville HS
  • Vice President – Patrick Baird, Summerville HS
  • Broadcast Representative – Malcolm Tyson, Richland Northeast HS
  • Lowcountry Representative – Sophie Winnick, Wando HS
  • Magazine Representatives – Isabelle Burgin, South Pointe HS, & Andrew Hinson, South Pointe HS
  • Midlands Representative – Henry Kerfoot, Camden HS
  • Newspaper Representative – Kayla Thomason, South Pointe HS
  • Online/Digital Media Representatives – Anabelle Baxter, Summerville HS & Chyna Wallace, Dutch Fork HS
  • Upstate Representative – Shelby Beckler, South Pointe HS
  • Yearbook Representative – Des Armstrong, Wando HS

Student Officer Nomination Form

Adviser Officers (2016-2018)

  • Chair –Deborah Gascon, Dutch Fork HS
  • Vice Chair – Amy George, Laurens District 55 HS
  • Secretary – Amy Goodwin, Camden HS
  • Broadcast Representatives – Dana Miley, James Island Charter HS, & AJ Chambers, Richland Northeast HS
  • Jr. High & Middle School Representative – Rene Horton, Pleasant Hill MS
  • Lowcountry Representative – Phillip Caston, Wando HS
  • Magazine Representative – Carlo Dawson, South Pointe HS
  • Midlands Representative – Kim Cimney, West Florence HS
  • Newspaper Representative – Beth Swann, Nation Ford HS
  • Online/Digital Media Representative –  Amy Medlock-Greene, Dutch Fork HS
  • Upstate Representative – Cindy Koon, South Pointe HS
  • Yearbook Representatives – Beth Ward, Mauldin HS & Amanda Hajji, Lexington HS

Contact Us

Leslie Dennis
Director of Scholastic Media Organizations

[email protected]

Justin Brouckaert
Director of Scholastic Media Organizations

[email protected]

Mailing Address

University of South Carolina
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
800 Sumter Street, Room 118 E
Columbia, SC 29208


Phone: 803.777.6284 or 803.777.6146
Fax: 803.777.4103

Office Assistants

Karie Grace Duncan
Claire Lewis
John Romanski
Collyn Taylor


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The Online Publication of SIPA and SCSPA
SCSPA Staff and Officers