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Endowment Auction

SIPA Endowment Auction 2017

The SIPA Auction is used to help raise money for scholastic journalism scholarships and will be held on March 4, 2017 during the annual SIPA convention. The Endowment sponsors a convention speaker each year. The 2017 Endowment speaker is Mary Inglis, Wellington HS (Florida).

Thank you to everyone who made SIPA’s annual auction amazing! We appreciate all of your hard work in making this auction one of the most profitable yet.

We look forward to the SIPA Auction 2017. Start thinking of ideas that will make this year’s auction the best so far!

Live Auction

Restaurants/ Food




  • Baby basket
  • Bird watching basket
  • Book worm basket
  • Grilling basket
  • Mississippi Liquor
  • Georgia Bulldog basket



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The Online Publication of SIPA and SCSPA
Endowment Auction