2020 SIPA Program Awards

2020 SIPA Program Awards

2020 Scroggins Award

Broadcast – “RNE-TV,” Richland Northeast HS (Columbia, South Carolina)

Literary Magazine – Voices, Nation Ford HS (Fort Mill, South Carolina)

Newsprint – Tribal Tribune, Wando HS (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)

Online – ODYSSEY Media Group, Clarke Central HS (Athens, Georgia)

Yearbook – Westwind, West Henderson HS (Hendersonville, North Carolina)

2020 Convention on-site competition winners:

Grammar Guru – Kaija Gilbertson Hall, Clarke Central HS (Georgia)

Quiz Bowl Champions – Audrey Enghauser, Elena Gilbertson Hall, Alexander Robinson & Elena Webber, Clarke Central HS (Georgia)

Talent show winner – Dennis Maganda, Cedar Shoals HS (Georgia)

Review Writing

Broadcast anchor competition

  • Best Anchor – Darius Darby, Richland Northeast HS (South Carolina)
  • Honorable Mention – Anna Coleman, Fort Mill HS, & Nicole Shromoff, Stratford HS (South Carolina)

Broadcast Team On-site Production competition

Literary Magazine Team On-site Production competition

Newspaper Team On-site Production competition

Photography Team On-site Production competition

Yearbook Team On-site Production competition

Scroggins special distinction publications:

These publications received an All-Southern rating and represent the best candidate from each member state attending the convention.


  • Alabama – The Crimson Crier, Sparkman HS
  • Georgia – ODYSSEY newsmagazine, Clarke Central HS
  • Kentucky – Livewire, Bullitt East HS
  • North Carolina – Northwest Horizons, Northwest Guilford HS
  • South Carolina – Tribal Tribune, Wando HS


  • Alabama –  Senator, Sparkman HS
  • Florida – Entheos, G. Holmes Braddock Senior HS
  • Kentucky – Endeavor, Bullitt East HS
  • North Carolina – Westwind, West Henderson HS
  • South Carolina – Reflections, Mauldin HS

2020 Scholarship recipients:

Mary Y. Inglis Endowment Regional scholarship – Elise Trexler, West Henderson HS (North Carolina)

2020 SIPA award recipients:

Elizabeth B. Dickey Distinguished Service Awards

  • Sue Gill, retired newsprint and yearbook adviser
  • Steve Hanf, First Flight HS newsprint, online and yearbook adviser
  • Melanie Huynh-Duc, Northwest Guilford HS newsprint and online adviser

2020 Program Critiques



  • “CRN-TV,” Catawba Ridge HS
  • The Buzz TV,” Fort Mill HS
  • RNE-TV,” Richland Northeast HS



  • WJAG TV,” Cedar Shoals HS
  • “Wave TV,” Summerville HS
  • Tribe Talk,” Wando HS



  • Mindprints, Jackson Preparatory Junior High School


  • The Lantern, Albemarle HS
  • Spectrum, Arendell Parrott Academy
  • iliad, Clarke Central HS
  • Inkslinger, Darlington HS
  • Earthwinds, Jackson Preparatory School
  • Voices, Nation Ford HS
  • Threshold, North Forsyth HS
  • Psyche, Richland Northeast HS
  • Inkblots, The John Cooper School
  • The Outlet, Wando HS


  • Catharsis, Coral Gables Senior HS
  • Evoke, Oxford HS
  • Portfolio, South Lakes HS


  • Forte, Liberty HS



  • ODYSSEY newsmagazine, Clarke Central HS
  • Nighthawk News, First Flight HS
  • Newsstreak, Harrisonburg HS
  • The Southerner, Henry W. Grady HS
  • The Dispatch, James Bowie HS
  • The Eagle Eye, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS
  • The Shield, McCallum HS
  • The Talon, Nation Ford HS
  • Northwest Horizons, Northwest Guilford HS
  • Tribal Tribune, Wando HS
  • Wingspan, West Henderson HS


  • Livewire, Bullitt East HS
  • BluePrints, Cedar Shoals HS
  • The Tiger, Little Rock Central HS
  • The Cavalier, Richland Northeast HS
  • The Crimson Crier, Sparkman HS


  • Nexus Magazine, Henry W. Grady HS







  • Beacon, Calvary Day School
  • Odyssey, Chantilly HS
  • Marauder, Maclay School
  • Reflections, Mauldin HS
  • The Knight, McCallum HS
  • Trojan, Midlothian HS
  • Accipter, Mill Creek HS
  • Carpe Diem, North Forsyth HS
  • Freebird,  South Lakes HS
  • Senator, Sparkman HS
  • The Belltower, St. Thomas’ Episcopal School
  • Calibre, Western HS
  • The Round-Up, Woodland Junior HS


  • Amethyst, Amherst County HS
  • The Growler, Archdale-Trinity MS
  • Patriot, Arendell Parrott Academy
  • Endeavor, Bullitt East HS
  • Crotalus, Felix Varela Senior HS
  • Quatralog, Fred T. Foard HS
  • Entheos, G. Holmes Braddock Senior HS
  • TAJ, Harrisonburg HS
  • The Talon, Liberty HS
  • Kaleidoscope, Lugoff-Elgin HS
  • Aeries, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS
  • North Compass, North HS
  • Ragnarok, Northwest Guilford HS
  • The Archive, Richland Northeast HS
  • Concolor, Ruben Dario MS
  • Jaguar Tales, St. Francis Xavier MS
  • Mnemosyne, Stratford HS
  • The Buckler, Union Pines HS
  • Legend, Wando HS
  • Westwind, West Henderson HS


  • The Chronicle, Christ Covenant School
  • Cavaleon, Coral Gables Senior HS
  • Jabberwokk, Darlington School
  • Shorelines, First Flight HS
  • Eagles’ Nest, Herbert Ammons MS
  • Breakthrough, Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School
  • Sandfiddler, Manteo HS
  • Eques, Miami Sunset Senior HS
  • Panorama, North Cobb HS
  • Flashback, Oxford HS
  • The Voice, Patrick Henry HS
  • The Pride, Starr’s Mill HS
  • Tiger’s Roar, WR Thomas MS


  • Tiburon, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior HS